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Coconut Oil – The Best Lubricant

by Pat Jacobs on June 4, 2012

tori-black-coconut-oil-tweetIf Tori Black’s tweet doesn’t make you want to start using coconut oil as lube, then I hope the rest of this post will.

Throw out the KY and that disgusting old crusted jar of Vaseline in your nightstand. Coconut Oil is all you need.

I’m not a fan of using lube during sex, but sometimes it is necessary especially when it comes to anal sex. However, I have been with some chicks that although they are aroused they dry up or can’t self lubricate. And if my chick drank too many vodka rockstar shots there’s a chance she might be too drunk to self lubricate. If that’s the scenario, I’m likely borderline black out and rocking some serious dry-mouth incapable of producing any saliva to help my D get some.

That’s when I reach for the coconut oil.

Coconut Oil has become my best friend to aid me in times of the desert crisis. Not only is coconut oil a fantastic lube, its cheap, all natural, tastes good, smells pretty and chicks like Tori Black dig it.

Benefits of Coconut Oil & Why Chicks Dig It

Lot of commercial lubricants can irritate women because of the alcohol, glycerin, parabens and the stuff companies throw in to make it smell and taste like strawberries or mangos.

**Side Note** If you work for a commercial company producing lubricant and want another flavor idea, how about pussy flavored lubricant? I like my pussy to taste like pussy – not strawberries.

Organic – Coconut Oil is 100% organic.  It’s 2012 — get with the program and introduce more organic options into your life.

Cost Effective & Accessible – Coconut oil can be found in the cooking and cake mix aisles at Trader Joes, Wholefoods, Safeway or any local grocery stores for around $6-12. You get a huge jar of coconut oil unlike spending $20 for a 3.5oz squeeze bottle of chemical lube.  I like the Trader Joes Organic Coconut Oil.  You can find a 16oz jar for $5.99 here.

Love You Long Time – Coconut oil (and other oil based lubricants) have a lot of endurance and can stay on your bits longer than water, silicone or gel based lubricants because of its thick complexity.  Coconut oil is stored at room temperature and when you spoon some of the oil out and onto your hand it starts to melt and then turns into liquid lube.  The thick lube then clings to the skins tissue and finds its way into all the tiny little crevices that need the lube.

MILF Approved – If you’re sleeping with a lot of MILF’s then they will love you long time with coconut oil.  The thickness of the oil helps post menopausal women who are not taking hormones (estrogen) or women who have vulvovaginitis able to have sex easier and with less pain.

Moisturizer – Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your skin and is soothing. I’ve been saved a couple times by rubbing coconut oil on my D after a long long night of pounding. It keeps my D looking sleek and smooth and not raw from the intense raw dogging.

Cons of Using Coconut Oil as Lube

There are little cons of using coconut oil as a lube, but there are two that I can think of.

1) Oil degrades latex, so you cannot use latex based condoms if you are using coconut oil. I hate latex condoms and if I have to wear a condom I prefer lambskin or polyurethan rubbers, so this in my book is actually a pro. Tell your chick this the first time you pull out the coconut oil.

“But baby, we can’t use latex condoms with coconut oil. Although, it’s 100% organic, natural and tastes amazing the oil breaks the latex down and I wouldn’t want the condom breaking down inside of you. That’s just gross and not healthy. We should just have sex the natural way – unprotected. I’m just thinking of your health…”

— she’ll eat this shit up and you won’t be wearing those sensation killers again.

2) Don’t mix your coconut oil used for sexy time with your coconut oil used for cooking. It’s a great cooking oil, but no one wants to grab a jar of coconut oil while cooking dinner and find out that’s the jar you hold when applying lube to yourself and your partner. I don’t know where those hands have been. Keep your sexy time jar on your nightstand or in your bathroom. Not in the kitchen.


No one wants alcohol, glycerin or parabens on them or worse inside them. Read the ingredients in your lube to be sure you’re not putting unwanted chemicals on your skin and inside your partner.

Stay Away → Many gel-based lubricants have alcohol in them.

Stay Away → Many water based lubes have glycerin and parabens in them.

So — if coconut oil is the preferred lube of Tori Black’s brown cheerio and this post isn’t enough to get you to switch from your nasty KY jelly to 100% Organic Coconut Oil as lubricant, than you’re a disgusting human being.


  • Tiffany C.

    This is a great article.  I love coconut oil and prefer it over all lubricants and lotions.

  • Coconut Oil User

    I’ve been using coconut oil as lube for years. Glad to see its getting some love here.

  • HappyHubby

    Just tested the coconut oil on my post-menopausal MILF… Great stuff! $4.99 at the Christmas tree Store. Best 5 bucks I have ever spent!

  • Handy

    Its true that oil breaks down latex, but it doesn’t happen in 30 minutes.

  • Mr. No One :p

    Dear Pat Jacobs,
    As you said: “I’ve been saved a couple times by rubbing coconut oil on my D after a long long night of pounding” … could you please explain how u do that (means long long night of pounding) !!! is there any kind of pills tramadol / prigly / anesthetic spray involv ? please elaborate … regards

  • MG

    I love what you said about flavored lube and scent of lube like strawberrys. What is that. For me too. Though I’m not into pussy.. I totally agree the taste and smell are all part of the sex. I want D to taste and smell like D!

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