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Sexy Women Twerking

I’ve watched this video at least 10 times and all I can say is, these women of Fraules Dance Centre make me very very happy. If I had a girlfriend, I’d hope she would learn this routine and give me a private viewing.

White Girls Twerking

I’d love to thank each and everyone of these girls for their dedication to learn this routine and put it online for all of us to see.  Read More


Yet another example of attorneys being scumbags.  If you were ever worried that you might get targeted by an attorney, accusing of you downloading pirated porn, fear no more…or actually just fear less.

One of the best online practices for stopping the spread of pirated downloads of porn has been scare tactics employed by attorneys, particularly the attorneys at Prenda.

The pitch, typically goes something like this:

1) You view pirated porn on your computer.  You either download or stream it.  Most likely, download it.

2) Attorney’s generate a lawsuit for the client, and sue a small group of people upward to a couple thousand of potential pirators.   Is “pirater or pirator” even a word?  If not, it should be.

3) With the help of the lawsuit, attorney’s trace the ISP numbers back to people and get their identity, and name people in the suit (early discovery).  Read More

If you haven’t seen the masterpieces known as Champagne Facials that have been created by you need to. This isn’t new news, but for some of you out there it might be and its worth repeating for those of you who have already seen this.

Below is a slow motion top 10 video that he put out a little while ago that is sooooo good you have to watch it more than once.   Read More


Via Facebook – Before & After Tammy’s Weight Gain

Tammy Jung wants to get fatter. And by fatter, I mean 200 fucking more pounds of fat. Why would anyone want to do this is beyond me, but there are many bizarre fetishes, necrophilia, teratophilia, emtophilia or omorashi, that I will never quite understand — but as a pervert myself, I must respect them.   Read More



Wondering where the sexy stripper in Pain & Gain came from?  This blonde 5’8″ bombshell is Bar Paly and she’s Russian born.  She was raised in Tel Aviv and began modeling when she was 17.  Now, the 31 year old Bar Paly is enjoying a rising acting career, having been cast in How I Met Your Mother, The Starter Wife, The Ruins, A Glimpse Insde the Mind of Charles Swan III and of course Pain And Gain.  I’d like to shake her father’s hand for creating such a beautiful woman.  More Photos

How To Plan A Bachelor Party

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must embark on one last journey with his boys as a single man — hopefully that time doesn’t come until he’s well into his 30s but some get tricked into it sooner.   Read More



A beautiful fit woman who knows how to squat, reverse lunge, lunge, side kick, side kick, side kick, squat, squat is something truly special.  But the problem is most woman do too much cardio, combined with not eating enough clean calories and become too thin. Is there such a thin as too thin?  My friend Sean doesn’t think so, but I prefer the woman who get their abs from the gym, not from purging over the toilet. More Photos

Lululem Yoga Pants

Hey Lululemon, you pulled the wrong pants off the market.

Fussy-ass white bitches flock by the hundred-thousands to throw their money at Lululemon, and for good reason.  Lulu makes a magic pair of pants that every woman (and man) has come to appreciate.

The geniuses over there have invented the lululemon yoga pants with a material that turns saggy Diet Coke asses into snare drums ready for a banging.  It separates thighs, creating “dat gap” that is so coveted, yet so frequently hidden by years of chasing episodes of “The Bachelor” with bottle after bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz.  It is the stuff that dreams are made of, and if we weren’t already thankful enough for what they’ve given us, they took the pants out of the equation and let us take a peek at what’s inside.   Read More

Get Motivated (19 Photos)

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The Porn Ritual

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Pornography: the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual gratification. Every man appreciates porn — whether you’re willing to admit it or not — it plays a role in everyone’s life.  Videos, magazines, photos, the scrambled Spice channel that intermittently allows a glance of a tit — there are a million […]

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Happy Steak & Blowjob Day!

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Today is a beautiful day.  Today is the day, where all men from every walk of life, leave behind yesterdays regrets, the worries of what tomorrow might bring, and focus on what truly matters — today. For what truly matters is today, March 14th, the most glorious holiday in the world, Steak and Blowjob Day. […]

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The Spring Break Experience

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It’s about that time of year… I can nearly smell the tequila and spray tans in the air. During the months of March and April, Coeds around the nation will be embarking on trips to various tropical destinations — Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, South Padre Island, Miami, and many more — they all have one […]

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